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I’m not coming up with a lot of general ideas right now, working closely with some of the guidance that I am receiving, so here is a poem that reflects some of that guidance. I hope you like it.

It’s a task of time, align with it
You can put it aside, you cannot escape it
You’re meant to feel it, here and now
When you learn it, you know it for good
When you feel it, you will keep it for life
Just a heartfelt outlook on the warmth in the heart
It will pass through you, it is unique and safe
In this moment you realize that it already passed
A new chapter has been activated, darkness and light
Tell you a story I might

Love and Blessings,

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We’re opening a new chapter for SkillCode, hopefully one that is more mature and helpful than it has been up until this point. I did enjoy the learning experience in the first couple of months of my awakening process, but now is the time to delve into some poetry, writing and inspirational messages such as the one below.

Let me know what you think, and how it resonates with you.

I think, but at the same time I have experienced it, we as people have the need to worry, the need to feel worthy of other persons when we tell them about our problems, our troubles. It’s always the same thing isn’t it, the same circle keeps repeating itself. You wake up one day, and even after you had gone back to sleep, the feeling is still there, the craving to complain and feel helpless.

We’re celestial beings that had long figured it all out, and if you think that this is more than a mere illusion that doesn’t even reflect in the mirror, you’re totally wrong. It doesn’t matter what happens to you, and why, what matter is that your path is illuminating the way for other human beings to better understand themselves, and their own mission that they came to complete.

Kindness, that is the way forward. You can’t go anywhere without kindness, always feel compassionate towards other human beings, see what their hurt is and let them know that you understand.

You might worry, and you might attach other peoples energies to yourself, but as you have been told before, you can draw energy back from the past if you so desire; remember, the time doesn’t exist, and as you have said it yourself – time is only the sound of ticking on a man-built watch. So, what can we learn from all this?

Is this the spiritual truth that every sentient human being should live by, or is it going to take much more than this to prove it to the people? The people, they’re your brothers, even if you don’t feel that way. Everyone is your brother and sister, if only you could understand this concept on a deeper level.

Remember, life is tough, and when changes take place – appreciate all that you have learned, and use it for the benefit of others.

Love and Blessings,


5 Techniques for Being Present in The Moment

You spend your entire life looking for the silver lining of happiness, but you never quite seem to find it. I can almost guarantee that part of the reason is your inability to stay focused on the present moment, as without the now we’re lost in a train of endless thought: past, present, and the future.

I used to be one of those people, unable to focus on a single thing at once for longer than a few seconds, and while I can’t say that I am a fully developed being, I know for certain that my effort to practice living in the moment has paid good dividends in terms of happiness levels, attention span, and the general experience of life.

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