Poetry in January: “The Winds” #1

A Water Droplet

A Water Droplet – jenny

Welcome to the first poem of the 31 poems I will be writing this month for my own personal growth challenge and also a fundraiser to provide clean water to children in need.

Poetry in January: Raising Funds for Water.org

I also want to wish every single one of you a Happy New Year! I send out my deepest gratitude to people who have stayed around for what seems like a full year now. It’s hard to comprehend the whole volume of the support I have received during this year, but it has been one of the better things that had happened to me.


Fireworks – William

I look forward to 2014 like I have never looked forward to anything, I have so many things I want to begin working on and and hopefully finishing in time as well. My resolution is to work hard, to continue learning and growing and to be grateful for everything in my life. What are some of your resolutions you find extremely positive and look forward to?

Here is a poem that I was inspired to write when going for my morning walk yesterday, it was strangely cold, but a very familiar cold that is finally making its appearance. This year has been one of the warmest winters in the history, it’s happening in a lot of European countries, not really sure what is going on. Hopefully it’s going to pick up the pace in the coming two months it has got left. :)

“The Winds”

The weather has become cold
Our flesh needs and extra layer
Stay humble – let the blanket unfold
Colder at bottom
Warmer at top
Hear out my prayer loved one
The winds carry my message
I tighten up and start marching
I turn around – energy so warm
A water droplet – waiting to fall in my palm
The answer was swift, so glad
Bright reflection – in a tiny droplet of water

I also want to update you guys with the latest content I publish on my official blog skillcode.com.

I am trying to take it a little bit more seriously now and the stuff I share there is worth taking a look at, I like to think so at least. I have the RSS feed added to the sidebar in case you ever become bored and want to read the tales of an enthusiastic spiritualist :)

  1. 5 Tips: How-To Be Honest With Others & Yourself
  2. Extending Kindness: Good Deed a Day Can Go a Long Way
  3. Give & Receive – Accepting the Gifts of The Universe Openly
  4. How-To Attract Positive Things with Intention

Thank you,

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