Poetry in January: “The Forgotten Time” #7

Yellow Rose

Welcome to the seventh poem of the 31 poems I will be writing this month for my own personal growth challenge and also a fundraiser to provide clean water to children in need.

Poetry in January: Raising Funds for Water.org

Water.org Donation

“The Forgotten Time”

Only memories of dark clouds and cupids
Shooting their arrows in the sky
They whisper you stories of love
Emotion of sorrow can be the only one
Right when you have it figured out
Lashes a dragon from the time long ago
A forgotten lapse and memories fall
Do the right thing and speak the truth
Is the mothers name going to be Ruth


Thank you,

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5 thoughts on “Poetry in January: “The Forgotten Time” #7

  1. Looking at the picture it is almost as if an artist touched the tip of the bud of a pure white rose with a paint laden brush and then realised he/she had made a mistake. Beautiful!

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