Why did I move away from WordPress.com?

Last month, I wrote a post that promised that I would open a new chapter for SkillCode, and while I wasn’t entirely prepared for it at the time, I think it helped to put things into motion, and now, a month later – I have published my first blog post on my new website: SkillCode.com

Why the move? Well, there are quite a few reasons, but I think one of the main reasons was that I’m also a webmaster by heart, and I love to tinker around with my websites and pages that I create, and unfortunately, even a premium WordPress.com account does not give me that freedom.

I have been on the SkillCode journey for a really long time now, and I have learned a lot of things over the last two years, and I feel that I’m strong enough to start passing on this knowledge to others, especially those who are seeking it. I’m sure you will understand, as it makes perfect sense.

My new project, SkillCode.com, is not going to be a spin-off of anything. Because of the changes happening in our World right now, I’m also hoping to launch a YouTube channel in the very near future, to really get in touch with people and see how we can make this World a better place!

Neither do I want to start something and then try to do everything at once. I’ve gained some experience in writing, and that is helping me to write educational posts that are both: easy to read, and easy to understand. I have come to learn that those two are very essential things.

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday and were able to enjoy a bright start to the New Year of 2015 – I wish you all the best, but most of all – love and prosperity. In case you haven’t seen the following video, I highly recommend that you do:

I’m hoping to still post here every now and again to share my poetry, I do believe that the WordPress.com community has some of the best poetry writers that you can find on the internet.

The things we love, the things we loath
All of us have made an oath, remember
Easier to let it flow, than it is to make it so
Must be the glow, coming out of heart so pure

Thank you,
Bright Blessings and Love,

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