The Letting Go of Ego

It’s not an easy battle, but once you get past the certain stages – you’re left with clear evidence just how weak the ego is, and how little it can do over emotions such as love, joy and happiness. Embrace the ego, give the ego all the Love you have got, for it needs to be loved!

The ego, the man behind the wheel

Comes a day, and he starts to dissolve

It not be a riddle you need to solve

It be the courage to live happy

By the choice of the heart not need

Plant the seed to be better, to be happy

The ego, he will cry you a river

Will come a day, when the sun will make it dry

The evaporation of the ego

On that day, you will plant the seeds of flowers

Tears will come pouring down the sky

The tears of joy, pure bliss from happiness

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3 thoughts on “The Letting Go of Ego”

  1. Like reaching the top of that first hill on a wooden roller coaster. Sure, there’s some up’s and down’s still ahead, but also a certain inevitability of soaring… :)


    1. Sure…the up’s and down’s are the manifestation of the ego at play. :)

      Ask yourself: would you rather get sad over the fact that something didn’t go the way you wanted, or would you rather love everything that comes your way and forgot about giving labels to situations? Everything we experience, we’re meant to experience, so if we disagree with those experiences – it’s the ego defending itself.

      Much Love <3

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