“The PlatForm”

Journeying a lot these days, from one thing onto the next, all in the name of Love. Letting the heavy dissolve, and the light to make its way underneath my feet, so that every step feels light and bright. Wish I could do more writing, but is not the case right now.. I’m hopeful though!

Building a platform upon which to stand
One that carries the wisdom of my life
To feel stable and self-supported at all times
So that when the time of love comes
All that’s in my way is naturally magnified
Through the strength of energy you see me build
It’s like an organized guild — You look up
It’s me with my hands on my heart
Singing a prayer of love for all life
Love we deserve, Love we adore, Love we are

The Letting Go of Ego

It’s not an easy battle, but once you get past the certain stages – you’re left with clear evidence just how weak the ego is, and how little it can do over emotions such as love, joy and happiness. Embrace the ego, give the ego all the Love you have got, for it needs to be loved!

The ego, the man behind the wheel

Comes a day, and he starts to dissolve

It not be a riddle you need to solve

It be the courage to live happy

By the choice of the heart not need

Plant the seed to be better, to be happy

The ego, he will cry you a river

Will come a day, when the sun will make it dry

The evaporation of the ego

On that day, you will plant the seeds of flowers

Tears will come pouring down the sky

The tears of joy, pure bliss from happiness

Learning to Love

The deepest of feelings, the release of love

In all the directions of the path, the savior

Tranquil in his mission, and in his ways

Believes in what the preaches, so he teaches

The consciousness of many he reaches

He has no plan for he is a divine being

On this plane to pay his respects

To evolve alongside the beauty